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Cold calling may remain an efficient method for gaining new customers, but it can also be perceived as intrusive and annoying for people who do not wish to be bothered by unsolicited calls.

Since legislators have clearly grasped the challenge that consumers are still hesitant and careful with regard to the use of their data, it seems necessary to rethink the strategies used in customer engagement and invent new, more proactive interaction models.

The challenge? Improving the ROI of outbound call campaigns, reinforcing the bond with the customer, and keeping agents in contact centers by maximizing conversion rates.

Detailed Summary

In this e-book, discover how to rethink your customer engagement strategies and create new, more proactive interaction models.

 What are the 3 challenges of desired interaction?
 What are the benefits of proactive interaction?
 How to negociate the shift to proactivity?

"We must transform of these mass campaigns, these loaded campaigns that exhaust agents, irritate customers/prospects, and offert very insufficient profitability."

Inbound calls, outbound calls... How about shifting to proactivity?

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