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With close to 200 positions TRICOM works alongside BtoB customers in such areas as appointment scheduling, sales, back-office, and customer service. To offer the best service to its large portfolio of mostly French customers, TRICOM decided from the very start to leverage the industry expertise and power of the Vocalcom Hermes solution.


As a leader in appointment scheduling on web leads for e-commerce companies,TRICOM specializes in managing outbound call campaigns, which make up close to 85% of its revenue.

Cementing its leadership positioning for e-commerce
 Winning new markets with omnichannel capabilities
 Leveraging KPIs as an agent recruitment and customer satisfaction tool
 Utilizing a flexible platform which facilitates remote working


The company relies on the power of the Vocalcom solution’s predictive automated dialer to improve agent productivity and performance. With around 50,000 appointments scheduled per year and a conversion rate of close to 10%, the versatility of the Vocalcom solution is a critical tool for optimizing team working hours within the contact center.

 Integration capability with customer information systems
 Omnichannel platform
 Functional richness
 Predictive outbound call dialer
 Intelligent routing of inbound calls
 Full media blending
 Flexibility for remote working

50 000
Web appointments per year

30 000 000
In Interactions per year on all channels

How to diversify your activities while maintaining the same quality of service?

Tricom, historical leadership positioning in B2B telemarketing and appointment scheduling, relies on Vocalcom’s contact center solution to cement its position and expand in the customer service and e-commerce industries.

A 96% service quality score on inbound calls


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