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As a key player in the telecommunications industry, SFR must consistently adapt its strategies in a super competitive context escalated quickly by the deployment of fiber optic and 5G. This reality has led to challenges with customer retention and telesales campaigns. While SFR has perfectly adopted the use of digital channels, the voice channel remains essential to customer relationship management.


Every year, SFR organizes and oversees hundreds of outbound call campaigns to both prevent customer churn and drive telesales. Each outbound call campaign enlists the teams of several outsourcer partners spread across many sites.

 Deploying tailor-made campaigns with a flexible cloud solution
 Maximizing customer retention rates with highly targeted scripts
 Improving agent performance
 Overseeing quality in a continuous improvement dynamic


To manage a volume of 1 to 5 million outbound calls per month, SFR chose the Vocalcom Hermes cloud contact center solution, which is deployed across several outsourcer partner sites and more than a thousand agent positions dedicated to customer retention and telesales operations.

 Standardized cloud solution across all sites
 Predictive outbound automated dialer
 Solution offering flexibility and autonomy
 Easy campaign management
 Real-time supervision
 Call listening and recording

5 000 000
Between 1 and 5 millions outbound calls per month

More than 100 campaigns per year

How to maximize the results of your retention and telesales campaigns?

SFR ranked second among telecommunication operators in France, chose the Vocalcom Hermes Cloud Solution to optimize their customer retention and telesales campaigns.


Transformation rate improved to reach 80 to 85%

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