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La Maison Saint-Gobain offers a digital platform for connecting private individuals and construction professionals. To gain a foothold in a highly competitive industry, the company chose a premium customer service model combining digital and the human touch, and relying on a customer service center equipped with the Vocalcom Salesforce Edition solution natively integrated with Salesforce.


La Maison Saint-Gobain’s decision to offer premium support means providing ultra-personalized service to each customer by putting customer data at the heart of each interaction.

Native integration with Salesforce for ultra-personalized support
 Offering a premium service at all project stages
 Overseeing activities with autonomy and agility


Since the company wished to leverage both a robust telephony solution and a native integration with its Salesforce CRM software, it chose the Vocalcom Salesforce Edition contact center solution.

 Native integration with Salesforce without API
 Access to customer data and enrichment in Salesforce
 Easy outbound call campaign creation
 Automation of automated campaigns according to the customer journey
 IVR configuration in “drag & drop” mode
 Activity reports in Salesforce

Calls per week


How to offer an ultra-personalized customer service and a premium relationship, both inbound and outbound?

La Maison Saint-Gobain, a subsidiary of the international company BTP Saint-Gobain, chose the Vocalcom Salesforce Edition Solution to support their customers throughout their digital journeys.

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