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As a captive broker for the Generali insurance company, PMC Treize specializes in the remote subscription and management of automobile, home, and personal injury contracts.

The customer service center teams manage leads coming from both the Generali field sales network and the website while also tracking the insured members’ contracts. For this reason, the PMC Treize agents are key players in a completely remote customer service relationship.


Since customers are not always prepared for a 100% digital experience, their interactions with agents are essential for gaining personalized advice, confidence, and reassurance on sometimes complex topics.

 Native integration with Salesforce: customer data at the heart of customer satisfaction
 Optimizing customer service autonomously
 Real-time management for optimal efficiency


By choosing the Vocalcom Salesforce Edition, PMC Treize has been able to leverage a robust contact center solution that meets demanding telephony requirements while leveraging Salesforce customer knowledge.

 Native integration in Salesforce
 Access to customer data and enrichment within Salesforce
 Autonomous IVR configuration
 Rich reports in Salesforce
 Real-time supervision

20 000

On average 800 interactions per day

How to foster personalization and closeness in a 100% remote customer service relationship?

PMC Treize, a subsidiary of GENERALI, and a vital player in remote insurance contract subscription and management, chose the Vocalcom Salesforce Edition contact center solution.


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