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The CNM Prévoyance Santé supplemental health insurance company decided against having a physical agency and opted for 100% remote customer service. Devoted to maintaining a close relationship with its members, the company relies on two contact centers : one in charge of customer service, which handles more than 76,000 inbound calls per year, and the other handling business development—an activity previously managed by an outsourcer using a Vocalcom solution. For CNM Prévoyance Santé, it was therefore a natural choice to deploy the Vocalcom contact center platform to meet the needs of its teams managing inbound and outbound calls.


For CNM Prévoyance Santé, the customer service center plays a critical role, especially for older members who are often unskilled at handling digital communications.

 Improving the customer experience continuously
 Personalizing the member relationship through CRM data integration
 Optimizing digital lead conversions
 Boosting the efficiency and excellence of the contact center, both on-site and remotely


The insurance company pays special attention to service quality and, thanks to the Vocalcom solution, is able to respond to more than 90% of all calls.

 Autonomous IVR management and oversight
 Integration with business tools offering a personalized customer relationship
 Omnichannel platform
 Real-time supervision
 Autonomous parameterization of outbound call campaigns

Remote Customer Service

80 000
Inbound and outbound calls per year

How to develop a personalized, 100% remote customer relationship?

CNM Prévoyance Santé, a supplemental insurance company specializing in complementary and contingency health insurance, leverages the open and feature-rich Vocalcom Hermes contact center solution, to develop a close and personalized relationship with its 90,000 insured members.

Call answer rate of between 96 and 98%

90 000

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