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The CNED customer service center leverages the expertise of 55 agents who support students and adults in training throughout their customer journey. They assist customers take action prior to enrollment to call back web leadsadvise on the choice of training programs, and answer the questions of students and parents. Agents also support customers during their enrollment as well as during training to help them especially with using online training platforms.


The main challenge for CNED, as a public organization, is to offer the best customer service quality for an activity marked by high call volumes and very strong seasonality.

Adopting a flexible solution for more agility and resilience
 Strengthen empathy and personalization, key customer service factors
 Oversee business activity to guarantee service quality


In order to best respond to the evolving customer service activity, particularly marked by high call volumes and strong seasonality, CNED chose the Vocalcom Hermes 360 Cloud Contact Center Solution.

 Autonomy in configuring
 Versatility of the solution
 Easy management of outbound call campaigns
 Flow management in real time
 Rich activity statistics and reports
 Integration with CRM application
 Cloud solution for remote working management

400 000
Inbound calls per year

30 000
Contacts through outbound calls per year

How to handle increasing inbound calls, while improving service quality?

CNED, a key player for remote teaching in France, chose the Vocalcom Hermes 360 solution for its customer service center and 55 agents.

A service quality of 90% during off-peaks months and 80% during activity peaks


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