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CETIH Renov, a company that supports the “business with private individuals” activities of the CETIH group, had to completely rethink its telemarketing strategy to respond to the changing rules and regulations applying to its business activities. By adopting the Vocalcom contact center solution, CETIH Renov is now a part of an omnichannel environment and uses the predictive dialer to reach optimal productivity.


Behind CETIH Renov are three brands that take care of our homes and support private individuals in their home renovation and improvement projects. The energy retrofitting market in which Neovivo takes part is a heavily regulated business sector.

 Restructuring to respond to the implementation of a highly regulated market
 Integrating a 100% omnichannel model thanks to Vocalcom
 Ensuring customer service center performance monitoring


In order to compensate for the ban of telemarketing, the company restructure itself by switching from the single Neovivo brand to a telemarketing sales model with three distinct brands offering three customer service models. Each equipped with the Vocalcom Hermes360 omnichannel solution.

 Autonomous IVR management and oversight
 Easy scripting and campaign creation
 Omnichannel platform
 Real-time supervision
 Customized dashboards

Customer appointments per month

Choosing Vocalcom translated into 2 to 3 times more productivity

How to reorganize teleprospecting in a highly regulated sector of activity?

The CETIH group, A specialist in home renovation and energy retrofitting, choses the Vocalcom contact center solution to equip their two contact centers.

Cetih Renov earns more than 200M€


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